I would like to thank all the authors of the sites below for kindly giving me the informations and pictures needed for my cards, scenarii, campaigns.

The Last Crusade
Blood of Caen
Great TLC website but hasn't been updated for ages. Has a nice profile page.
Mahasamatman trading site
Trading place for many card games including The Last Crusade CCG.
TLC Forum
The place where you can talk about your favorite game.
World War 2
German aircraft projects.
Romanian armed forces.
Comando supremo
Italian history, weapons, OOBs.
WWII Vehicles
Vehicles, their history, and their specifications.
Russian battlefield
Soviet archival documents, OOBs, veterans' interviews, forum.
Tanks encyclopedia
All countries, many pictures and descriptions.
Lapin sota
The war of Lapland.
The Poles on the Fronts
Polish military effort during Second World War
Chars français
In French. Vehicles, pictures, Shermans' identification.
Libération de Paris
In French. 60th anniversary of the liberation of Paris in August 1944.
French reference site for wargamers. Very active forum.
Gigantic site of reviews, erratas, add-ons,...
Frédéric Bey's site
Translations, errata and new scenarios for the games published in Vae Victis.
My other website !!! Free card games in French, English and Italian
Frog of war
In French. Great fanzine with many game analysis, scenarii,...
Francois Combe' site
In French. Many very good games to download freely.

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